Lake District 2020

When it comes to UK diving, you half expect to be blown out if the dive trip is to the coast. But heading to the Lake District should have been a pretty safe option!!

Over the weekend of 21st to 23rd Feb, four of us drove to the Lakes with the original intention of diving Hodge Close and then Devils Bridge on the River Lune. But the colossal flooding we experienced prior to the trip meant that Hodge Close was ‘like builders tea’, and according to a local expert a complete non-starter. The River Lune at Devils Bridge would have been suicidal.

Thankfully we are a resourceful club and swiftly adapted our plans, diving Wastwater on one day and Capenwray the next. Wastwater was choppy above, but calm, clear and serene below. The rocky outcrop known as The Pinnacles was mystical as ever, descending from 15m to somewhere near 80m. Capenwray is the north’s answer to Stoney Cove, but probably not quite as good! However the visibility was again very good and afforded us all the chance to visit some different wrecks and practice free ascents or SMB drills. Throw the Coniston YHA accommodation into the picture, and some good local food and beer, and the whole weekend was tremendously enjoyable. It was British diving in every way; exciting, adaptable, adventurous, and given the winter storms, a case of wrestling victory from the jaws of defeat.

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